Driver identification

Cellocator Cello-IQ GPS TrackerCellocator Cello IQ GPS tracker for Fleet Management tracking or vehicle location. Cello IQ is focused on Driving control, Eco driving or Green driving solutions;

ATrack AK1 GPS TrackerATrack AK1 is a GPS vehicle tracker or for Fleet Management solutions, with GPS/GSM/GPRS communication for real-time location from a Tracking Management Platform. AK1 of ATrack support Garmin FMI to connect external devices, Driver identification management, allowing firmware update via OTA and is able to detect GSM jamming.

In Global AVL understand that good management systems and Fleet Management should be a tool to minimize or eliminate the risks associated with investing in vehicles and improve, through a controlled efficiency and productivity of any fleet regardless of size or process activity.

One of the most used functions in a Tracking Management Platform services for Fleet Management is the Driver identification management who is responsible for the vehicle being located.

Meitrack T1 Fleet Management GPS Tracker integration details, can by controlled from a Tracking Management Platform or sending SMS alerts. Meitrack T1 has a listening function with microphone and speakers and can management the Driver identification.

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