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Integration ERM eMix Drum rotations counter for Cement truck control. The solution eMix of ERM Electronic System can help you in the Driving control and avoid the theft on your Cement trucks.

ERM eMix drum rotations counter for cement truck controlERM eMix is a Drum rotations counter for Cement truck control. The Drum rotations counter ERM eMix need interact with a GPS tracker of StarLink series that offer ERM Electronic System, eMix send the Drum rotations counter data to an online server. Using eMix from our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can control their truck care driving and you can manage their manual task registration depending of your need or you can control their vehicle event management without any requirement limit, also use our REST API to connect existing applications. With our GPS tracking platform, you can also control their eMix tracker from a mobile phone using our mobile applications for vehicle tracking and you can manage their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost.