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Finished integration of Satellite based GPS tracker model TAM-212 of the EMS Global Tracking brand. The satellite tracker EMS Global Tracking TAM-212 is used for GPS vehicle or any valuable asset tracking. The real-time tracking and hours of service control of TAM-212 is performed within a Tracking Management Platform via Web and besides this GPS tracker you need hiring a plan of satellite communication messages for the device.

Finished integration of satellite communication device with EMS Global Tracking SAT 202 model.

EMS Global Tracking - TAM 212The TAM-212 solution provides global asset tracking for mobile assets control such as trailers, containers, tanks and railcars. This slim line terminal has an integral long life replaceable battery and is therefore perfect for deployment where there is no external power source.

EMS Global Tracking - SAT 202The SAT-202 is a compact, single piece unit, which provides a low data rate service. It has an integral 50 channel 3D GPS receiver and provides three inputs for sensor monitoring and one low-voltage digital output suitable for driving relays and indicators, all of which are user configurable. The data-logging functions include GPS positions, transmissions and data for more than 6,500 entries. The SAT-202 provides accurate, reliable and low cost satellite communications for tracking, rapid alerting and mobile asset management in security and other mission-critical applications.