Finished GPS Vehicle tracker integration FM1120 of Teltonika brand. The GPS tracker Teltonika FM1120 is one of the models sold by the company Teltonika and usually it is used in GPS Location Service via Web, FM1120 also allows the GPS location by sending SMS.

Teltonika FM1120 GPS TrackerTeltonika FM1120 GPS Vehicle Tracker or Fleet Management tracker with internal GSM and GPS/GLONASS antennas, FM1120 able to send data to a GPS Location Service via Web or SMS. GPS tracker Teltonika FM1120 has 3 operation modes based operator (Home, Roaming, Unknown), reserve 1 digital input to monitor the status of the vehicle ignition. FM1120 has internal rechargeable Li-Polymer 170mAh battery, which allows you to continue to control the Fleet Management of its vehicles even without power.

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