FM1125 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand, used for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. Teltonika FM1125 GPS tracker has 2 scenarios to Driving control that can be modified: trip star and end detection scenario and over speeding scenario.

Teltonika FM1125 GPS Vehicle and Fleet Management TrackerTeltonika FM1125 GPS Vehicle Trackers or solutions in Fleet Management, with quad-band GSM module and possibility to connect peripherals using Garmin FMI or fuel sensors. To track in real-time the FM1125 GPS tracker is necessary to register in a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where you can have all data sent by the device 24 hours a day and if you do not need real-time location you can schedule sending SMS alerts to a predefined phone, these alerts have GPS position information, inputs status, geo-fences, etc ...

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