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FMM130 (CAT-M1/GSM/GNSS/BLE) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand. Protect your vehicle configuring in Teltonika FMM130 different (Virtual geofences) that the device sends to an online server every time that vehicle cross any predefined virtual geofences ideal for your field service management control or their control of driving habits.

Teltonika FMM130 NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet managementTeltonika FMM130 is a (CAT-M1/GSM/GNSS/BLE) NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet management. FMM130 device of Teltonika can read (Can Bus) data from the (ECU - engine control unit) of vehicle and send the Can Bus telematics reports through LTE/GPRS to an online server.