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GlobalSat GTR-128 GPS motorcycles tracker or vehicle GPS trackingGlobalSat GTR-128 is a motorcycles GPS tracker or GPS vehicle tracker. With IP67 protection the case of GTR-128 Waterproof GPS from GlobalSat help to follow making the GPS tracking of your motorcycle or vehicle in service routes or deliveries tasks and in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme wheatear conditions.

TOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker integration for Fleet Management. The TOPFLYTECH T8808 + Fleet Management tracker allow to manage the (Driving control) creating a SMS alert for detect (over speeding), when a driver pass the limit, the T8808 + tracker send a SMS message.

TOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker for Fleet ManagementTOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker for Fleet Management solutions. TOPFLYTECH T8808 + GPS Asset tracker accept the firmware update through the OTA (Over the Air) function, you reduce costs in technical services if use the OTA function of T8808 + tracker.

Meitrack MT90V4 Standalone GPS tracker for GPS Personal trackingMeitrack MT90V4 is a Standalone GPS tracker with (1100mAh) battery for GPS Personal tracking. Thanks to (IP65 - Waterproof) certification that offer Meitrack MT90V4 in his plastic housing, you can work in different scenarios for the GPS personal tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks or in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather conditions.

(5000mAh/battery) Standalone GPS tracker integration Istartek VT100 for GPS Asset tracking. With Istartek VT100 Standalone GPS tracker you can control the Fleet Management of any mobile asset that need to be locate in real-time with their control of driving habits.

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