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Queclink GL500 GPS TrackerQueclink GL500 is a powerful Standalone GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. Queclink GL500 works with two CR123A lithium-batteries, wakes up every 24 hours of service and sends data or events and then return to deep sleep, can standby more than 1000 days. With built-in motion sensor, Queclink GL500 can also detect the motion of asset all the time in their field service management and give a warning message.

Laipac MicroCovert GPS TrackerLaipac S-911 MicroCovert Hide GPS Real Time Tracking on any vehicle, trailer, container, machine, or watercraft in their service routes. Suitable applications are: Merchandise monitoring, Asset tracking, Law enforcement, Private investigation, VIP security and Automatic Vehicle Dispatch.

SANAV CT-58 GPS TrackerSANAV CT-58 is a mini GPS tracker available at the current market and is able to apply to many tracking purposes such as Vehicle, Asset or GPS Container tracking with any service routes or deliveries tasks.

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