GPS padlock

Integration of Standalone GPS tracker with (12000 mAh) battery + GPS padlock model JT701 of Jointech brand. Thanks to the IP65 certification of Jointech JT701 on his plastic case he convert in a Waterproof GPS tracker that can protect any type of mobile asset in extreme wheatear conditions.

Jointech JT701 GPS padlock + Standalone GPS trackerJointech JT701 is a GPS padlock + Standalone GPS tracker with rechargeable (12000 mAh) Lithium battery. JT701 of Jointech is a design solution for mobile asset GPS tracking that required safety the 24 hours a day.

Bicycles GPS tracker integration BL10 model of Concox brand for Bike sharing solutions in GPS padlock format. Concox BL10 is a Standalone GPS able up to 45 days, thank for own 10000mAh battery and allowing remote updates via OTA (Over-the-Air).

Concox BL10 Bicycles GPS tracker in GPS padlock format for Bike-sharingConcox BL10 is a Bicycles GPS tracker in (GPS padlock) format for Bike-sharing solutions. The bicycle GPS padlock BL10 can by unlocked for the users using a QR code, SMS, GPRS or via Bluetooth.

Finished integration GPS device Mul-T-Lock WatchLock. Mul-T-Lock WatchLock is an asset tracking device, combines a High Security mechanical padlock with advanced technological GPS location system and GSM communication.

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