GPS Trackers integration

ST600M - MD GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Suntech brand. Suntech ST600M - MD GPS device support some types of Virtual geofences (50 polygonal geofences, 200 circular geofences and up to 500 points to routes deviation) that you receive in the mobile phone.

G420 GPS padlock tracker integration of the HHD International Limited brand. HHD International Limited G420 GPS padlock is a perfect solution to protect the different type of mobile asset GPS tracking, the real-time safety of your high value mobile assets is guaranteed with G420.

GTR-129 GPS tracker integration for vehicle - asset GPS tracking of GlobalSat brand. With GlobalSat GTR-129 you can received the excact (Geo Location) in a mobile phone when GTR-129 cross one of predefined virtual geo-fences configured on the device.

Motorcycles or vehicles GPS tracker integration GTR-128 model of GlobalSat brand. Setup some virtual geo-fences in your GlobalSat GTR-128 GPS device and manage the real-time (Geo Location) of your motorcycle or vehicle.

GPS vehicle tracker integration Tytan Sat DS540 of Digital Systems brand for Fleet management solutions. Digital Systems Tytan Sat DS540 GPS vehicle tracker can send data in real-time to a Tracking Management Platform through GPRS with UDP/TCP protocol in the GSM network.

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