Concox ET200 GPS Motorcycles Tracker integration or also used in Asset tracking solutions with internal back up battery.

Concox ET200 GPS Motorcycles Tracker and for Asset tracking solutionsConcox ET200 GPS Motorcycles Tracker and for Asset tracking solutions with internal 270mAh/3,7V Li-Polymer battery.

Munic Box 2 GPS Tracker integration with direct OBDII port communication and Plug and Play connection, valid for asset-vehicle GPS tracking. Used Munic Box 2 intro a Tracking Management Platform, has diferents Green driving reports by: (pedal position, torque, RPM and much more).

Munic Box 2 OBDII GPS Asset and Vehicle TrackerMunic Box 2 is a GPS Asset-Vehicle Tracker with Plug and Play mode connection to OBDII port. With Munic Box 2 OBDII tracker offers Driving control reports by: (harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh angle change),

FM Eco4 GPS Tracker integration of Ruptela brand, ideal for Vehicle tracking solutions. Ruptela FM Eco4 may have different diagnostics with telematics information Driving control or Fleet Management.

Ruptela FM Eco4 GPS TrackerRuptela FM Eco4 GPS Vehicle Tracker with Driver identification and Driving control. The FM Eco4 GPS tracker used in Fleet Management and is oriented towards Green driving, allowing you to control the vehicle location, fuel level, mileage or vehicle speed.

Cello-IQ GPS Tracker integration of Pointer - Cellocator brand, ideal for Fleet Management solutions. Cellocator Cello-IQ focused to Green driving and Driving control and can send telematic reports in real-time to a Tracking Management Platform..

Cellocator Cello-IQ GPS TrackerCellocator Cello IQ GPS tracker for Fleet Management tracking or vehicle location. Cello IQ is focused on Driving control, Eco driving or Green driving solutions;

Through a fast access and application intuitive Fleet Management not only can locate your fleet in real-time, but also control events any queries, define own points of interest, areas prohibited or allowed access reporting routes and power and effectively make decisions on the management of its fleet.

The term Green Driving means much more than the color type driving.

Usually always say in our company that driving can be labeled in many ways, but never be 'green' in terms of protecting our environment. Much as though we are to ever achieve driving based on renewable energy and vehicles 100% recyclable or re-usable.