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IDP-780 GPS tracker integration of Skywave brand, is a Satellite based GPS tracker used in asset tracking solutions. The Hybrid GPS tracker Skywave IDP-780 sends data via GPRS and if it loses cellular coverage connect your Satellite modem to send IsatData Pro satellite by Inmarsat all positions, making it nearly impossible data loss.

Through this hybrid GPS integration between the DCT Syrus GPS trackers and GPS trackers Skywave IDP series, we get a merger and increase the chances of generating events or sent information extracted from the DCT and Skywave devices.

IDP-780 Hybrid Satellite based GPS tracker integration of Maxtrack brand, ideal for Fleet Management solutions. Maxtrack IDP-780 has a Satellite modem developed by Skywave, for real-time control is nessesary register IDP-780 intro a Tracking Management Platform.

Skywave IDP-780 Satellite Based GPS TrackerSkywave IDP-780 series of satellite-cellular terminals are equipped with both IsatData Pro satellite and cellular modems to allow fleet managers to locate, IDP 780 communicate and remotely manage their mobile assets anywhere, anytime.

Maxtrack IDP-780 Hybrid Satellite Based GPS TrackerMaxtrack IDP-780 is the first dual-mode tracker on the market, integrated with the most advanced satellite modem developed by Skywave, the Isat Data Pro, released simultaneously in more than 30 countries. IDP-780 it is the most comprehensive and modern platform developed for critical operations of safety and logistics that require communication in anyplace or situation.