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ATrack AX7B GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII connection via plug and playATrack AX7B is a GPS vehicle tracker with direct connection to OBDII port. With fast installation in (plug and play) mode, only need connect AX7B to OBDII port of your vehicle for starting to locate in real-time.

AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker integration with (HSPA/GPRS) technology of ATrack brand. Thanks to his internal buzzer the ATrack AP1 GPS tracker can generate some (visual and sound alerts) that help to protect your vehicle in their automatic vehicle dispatch, you can config different events for generating alerts.

ATrack AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker with plug and play installationATrack AP1 is a vehicle lighter GPS tracker with 2G/3G/HSPA/GPRS technology. With easy installation in (Plug and Play) mode, you only connect AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker to lighter connector of your vehicle and start to locate your vehicle in real-time in your service routes or deliveries tasks.

ST4340 (LTE Cat-M1) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of Suntech brand. With Suntech ST4340 can cover different requirements to vehicle GPS tracking, in one of the market that much are used ST4340 is in the vehicle insurance telematics.

Suntech ST4340 NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet managementSuntech ST4340 is a (LTE Cat-M1) NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet management. Suntech designed the ST4340 housing with (IP67 - Waterproof compliant) protection, you can working in the vehicle GPS tracking on different field service management with extreme weather conditions.

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