Suntech ST20 Can Bus/ELD module for Fleet Management and GPS Asset TrackingSuntech ST20 is a Can Bus/ELD (Electronic Logging Device) module for Fleet Management and GPS Asset Tracking. With ST20 Can Bus/ELD (Electronic Logging Device) module of Suntech and a Tracking Management Platform you can manage different extract telematics data and sending by ST20 module to service always online.

Patriot FMS Can Bus module GPS tracker integration, designed for vehicle tracking solutions. The Patriot FMS GPS module allows you to extract data from the Can Bus of their vehicles; to have full control of the consumption of its fleet.

Patriot FMS Can Bus modulePatriot FMS is a Module for reading Can Bus data from a vehicle, bus allows reading tachographs and reading J1708 protocol.

Wireless Links Piccolo STX GPS TrackerWireless Links Piccolo STX GPS vehicle and Fleet Management tracking device made Simple & affordable by innovation. The Piccolo STX sending GPS location every XX  seconds/minutes and/or every YY mi/km or any combination between time and distance based on speed.