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Finished integration of GPS Vehicle Trackers and Fleet Management model LMU-320 of CalAmp brand. With the CalAmp LMU-320 tracker can connect multiple external devices in their 2 digital inputs, 1 digital open collector output (150mA) and 1 analog input,

CalAmp LMU-320 GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-320 GPS Vehicle Trackers or for Fleet Management with internal antennas GPS/GSM for easy installation in any vehicle required to be located in their service routes or deliveries tasks. The LMU-320 GPS tracker can send data via GPRS/UDP to a Tracking Management Platform where you can perform real-time tracking device with hours of service control and manage fuel consumption control or it can send data via SMS to a predefined phone you will receive SMS alerts with information concerning any event generation. Using LMU-320 from our GPS platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can manage the control of driving habits and manage some type of scheduled reports without requirement limit.