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MaxTrack MTC-700 Sunbird GPS TrackerMaxTrack MTC-700 Sunbird GPS Vehicle tracker and Fleet Management with direct Can Bus (Can 2.0) telematic reports, MTC-700 allows you to connect an external satellite modem to lose GPRS coverage. MaxTrack MTC-700 is a GPS tracker oriented to Driving control and Efficient driving vehicle fleets demanding, where they need to extract as possible telematics events information.

i-MXT GPS tracker integration of MaxTrack brand, in tablet pc format with Android operating system used for personal tracking or fleet businnes location.

MaxTrack i-MXT Tablet Android GPS TrackerMaxTrack i-MXT is a tablet with Android operating system, it is a GPS tracker for industrial or commercial sector personnel vehicles. i-MXT has a quad-band modem enables data transmission via TCP / UDP, whatever with high-sensitivity GPS with A-GPS to control their fleet or employees of your company.

MXT-141 GPS Tracker integration of MaxTrack brand, is a Waterproof GPS with IP67 certification ideal for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions.

MaxTrack MXT-141 GPS TrackerMaxTrack MXT-141 GPS tracker with IP67 certification (Waterproof) in the plastic cover, designed for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions in their service routes or deliveries tasks. MXT-141 tracker of MaxTrack company can be controlled the hours of service in real-time and their automatic vehicle dispatch from a Tracking Management Platform via Web.

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