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GT30X GPS Tracker integration of Meiligao - Meitrack brand, used for GPS personal tracking solutions. Meiligao GT30X can be located in real-time within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where you can enjoy all the features offered by this device. GT30X also be located via SMS and allows you to configure SMS alerts to receive them in a mobile phone or on a server. Meiligao GT30X has a Panic button that sends emergency reports to a server or to a phone via SMS.

Finished integration of GPS Personal tracker GT30 of Meiligao/Meitrack brand. The GPS tracker Meiligao GT30 internal function by voice activation (called guardian - Panic button), allow monitoring persons with above the device. GT30 offers two ways to be located by a Tracking Management Platform via Web or SMS alerts sent to a predefined mobile phone.

Meiligao GT30 GPS TrackerMeiligao GT30 GPS Personal tracker with two-way voice communication, which activates the call guardian or activation of the Panic button. The GPS tracker GT30 can send position data to a Tracking Management Platform via Web or to a specific mobile phone using SMS alerts and perform the GPS location of people, workers or pets. Meiligao GT30 can be set to follow with GPS positions by time or distance intervals, including internals GSM/GPS antennas and rechargeable internal battery of 1350 mAh.

Finished integration of GPS Vehicles or motorcycles MVT100i of Meitrack brand. GPS tracker Meitrack MVT100i is the second model version MVT100, with some variations within the firmware while maintaining the same design and features.

MVT800 GPS Tracker integration of Meitrack - Meiligao brand, ideal for Fleet Management telematic solutions and vehicle tracking. Meitrack MVT800 can control Fuel consumption and vehicle temperature monitoring.

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