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Standalone GPS tracker Meitrack MT90V4 integration with (1100mAh) battery for GPS Personal tracking. You can receive from Meitrack MT90V4 GPS Personal tracker the following SMS alerts in your mobile phone (geo-fences alert, panic button alert, low battery alert).

Meitrack MT90V4 Standalone GPS tracker for GPS Personal trackingMeitrack MT90V4 is a Standalone GPS tracker with (1100mAh) battery for GPS Personal tracking. Thanks to (IP65 - Waterproof) certification that offer Meitrack MT90V4 in his plastic housing, you can work in different scenarios for the GPS personal tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks or in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather conditions.

Meitrack TC68SG GPS tracker integration with OBDII port and Plug and Play installation. Setup virtual geofences in Meitrack TC68SG OBDII GPS tracker, when TC68SG touch a virtual geofence for service routes or deliveries tasks you receive the exact "Geo Location" in your mobile phone and these function you can improve their control of driving habits.

Meitrack TC68SG GPS tracker with OBDII port and Plug & Play installationMeitrack TC68SG GPS tracker with OBDII port and simple installation in Plug and Play mode. Meitrack TC68SG OBDII GPS tracker has a (Panic button) that protect the driver and send emergency SMS alerts to some phone numbers.

Meitrack T622 GPS tracker integration for Fleet Management compatible with Can Bus. You can connect to Meitrack T622 GPS tracker different external peripherical using the interface of RS232 / RS485 port.

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