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Teltonika FMB900 GPS Tracker for Fleet Management with Bluetooth V3.0 connectivityTeltonika FMB900 GPS Tracker for Fleet Management with Bluetooth V3.0 that allows release voice calls, distance configure device or connect Bluetooth sensors.

GT100 GPS tracker integration of Concox brand, used for motorcyles - vehicle tracking solutions. If you register Concox GT100 GPS tracker on a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can manage in real-time all positions or events generated by GT100 device installed on your motorcycle or vehicle.

Concox GT100 GPS Vehicle-Motorcycles TrackerConcox GT100 is a GPS Vehicle Trackers or Motorcycles Trackers. The real-time tracking of GT100 GPS tracker of Concox installed on your vehicle or motorcycle can do it within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, in this service could make a permanent tracking 24 hours a day.

Queclink GMT200 GPS Asset and Motorcycles TrackerQueclink GMT200 GPS Asset Trackers or Motorcycles Trackers, ideal for GPS tracking small boats or scooters and has a plastic housing with IPX6 protection (Waterproof GPS). If you register the GMT200 tracker within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can make real-time monitoring of their (assets, motorcycles, vehicle fleets) without limit requirements 24 hours a day.

GMT100 GPS Tracker integration of Queclink brand, ideal for motorcycles-vehicles GPS tracking. Queclink GMT100 is a GPS tracker reduced size capable of sending positioning data to a Tracking Management Platform or send them via SMS alerts via SMS messages to a predefined mobile phone.

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