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ATrack AX11 GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII interfaceATrack AX11 is a GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII (J1939/J1708) interface. AX11 is compatible with various vehicles that dispose of a OBDII port to connect in (plug and play) mode the ATrack tracker without connect external wires.

AX9 GPS tracker integration with OBDII (Can Bus J1939) interface of ATrack brand. Connect some external devices through the (Bluetooth BLE 4.0) connectivity to ATrack AX9 tracker, the advantage of use Bluetooth is that you don´t need connect any wire.

ATrack AX9 GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII (Can Bus J1939) interface + BluetoothATrack AX9 is a GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII/Can Bus J1939 interface. With (plug and play) installation, you only need connect AX9 tracker with OBDII to your vehicle OBDII port for that start to work and locating your vehicle in real-time, managing their automatic vehicle dispatch.

LMU-1230 Weatherproof GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the CalAmp brand. With CalAmp LMU-1230 Weatherproof can continue working when active the (Standalone GPS) mode, if detect that lost connection with the main power of mobile asset activate the (1400mAh) backup battery.

CalAmp LMU-1230 Weatherproof GPS asset-vehicle trackerCalAmp LMU-1230 Weatherproof is a GPS tracker for asset and vehicle GPS tracking. CalAmp designed the plastic case of LMU-1230 Weatherproof with (IP67 - Waterproof) certification, you can continue working in the GPS tracking of your asset or vehicle in the field service management control and in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather conditions.

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