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Finished integration of GPS Vehicle or Fleet Management tracker Condor Plus of Optimus GPS brand. The versatility of digital inputs and outputs featuring Optimus GPS Condor Plus for connecting all types of external sensors, making it one of the best alternatives for GPS tracking of their automatic vehicle dispatch and Fleet Management in service routes or deliveries tasks.

Optimus GPS Condor Plus GPS TrackerOptimus GPS Condor Plus GPS Vehicle or Fleet Management tracker with Panic button, 3 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 4 analog outputs, you can connect many external sensors to generate all kinds of events. The GPS tracker Condor Plus sends GPS positioning by time to a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where you can hours of service control of your vehicles in their service routes or deliveries tasks through reports, alerts and different events. The two most prominent features offered by the GPS tracker Optimus GPS Condor Plus are the microphone to listen in cab for your field service management control and power cut in their automatic vehicle dispatch by sending remote commands from a mobile phone.