AK1 GPS Tracker integration of ATrack brand, support Garmin and allow FOTA firmware update via FTP. ATrack AK1 is ideal for Fleet Management solutions and can by controlled in real-time from a Tracking Management Platform.

ATrack AK1 GPS TrackerATrack AK1 is a GPS vehicle tracker or for Fleet Management solutions, with GPS/GSM/GPRS communication for real-time location from a Tracking Management Platform. AK1 of ATrack support Garmin FMI to connect external devices, Driver identification management, allowing firmware update via OTA and is able to detect GSM jamming.

Piccolo STX GPS tracker integration of Wireless Links brand, used in vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. Wireless Links Piccolo STX support Can Bus (J1708 - J1939) and extract data by: RPM, distance, oil pressure or fuel consumption; this data controlled from a Tracking Management Platform.

Wireless Links Piccolo STX GPS TrackerWireless Links Piccolo STX GPS vehicle and Fleet Management tracking device made Simple & affordable by innovation. The Piccolo STX sending GPS location every XX  seconds/minutes and/or every YY mi/km or any combination between time and distance based on speed.

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