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Finished integration of GPS Vehicles or motorcycles MVT100i of Meitrack brand. GPS tracker Meitrack MVT100i is the second model version MVT100, with some variations within the firmware while maintaining the same design and features.

Meitrack MVT100i GPS TrackerMeitrack MVT100i GPS Vehicle tracker or Motorcyle GPS location with plastic cover IP66 (Waterproof GPS) is is the improved version of the model MVT100. GPS tracker MVT100i lets you set various sending SMS alerts activation of internal events such as Panic button, geo-fencing, engine cut or last GPS position of their automatic vehicle dispatch. Meitrack MVT100i a GPS tracker is intended primarily for installation and motorcycle GPS tracking in any displacement on their service routes or deliveries tasks.

iStartek VT600 GPS TrackeriStartek VT600 GPS tracker used in vehicle location or Fleet Management solutions, that sends GPS position data to a Tracking Management Platform via Web or to a specific mobile phone.

iStartek VT206 GPS TrackeriStartek VT206 GPS Vehicle and Fleet Management tracker with which you can make the GPS location by programming SMS alerts or within Tracking Management Platform via Web. GPS tracker VT206 has predefined digital inputs for Panic button, ignition and microphone; GPS/GSM internal antennas, 380mAh backup battery and immobilization of vehicle power engine.

VT202 GPS tracker integration of iStartek brand, used in vehicle location or motorcycle tracking solutions. iStartek VT202 GPS tracker can be controlled hours of service of their automatic vehicle dispatch from a Tracking Management Platform and manage some scheduled reports or send different SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone.

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