GS-818 GPS tracker integration of SANAV brand, is a vehicle tracker used for Fleet Management solutions. With the serial RS232 port of SANAV GS-818 GPS tracker can connect external devices by Garmin FMI, connecting barcode reader or RFID reader.

GPS105 GPS tracker integration of Coban brand, designed for any type of vehicle tracking. The GPS tracker Coban GPS105 is a very economical terminal for Fleet Management, they need to ensure that all their vehicles by a Driver identification when connecting to RFID.

Coban GPS105 GPS TrackerCoban GPS105 GPS Vehicle or Fleet Management tracker with Driver identification using RFID and optional photo camera. With the GPS tracker GPS105 can track within a Tracking Management Platform or program receiving different SMS alerts (Power, Emergency, acceleration, open door or speeding) on your mobile phone.

Meitrack T3 GPS TrackerMeitrack T3 GPS tracker used in vehicle tracking or Fleet Management solutions, maintains the same characteristics of T1 model and incorporate GLONASS location function. T3 of Meitrack can by controlled in real-time from a Tracking Management Platform or also sending SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone.

One of the most used functions in a Tracking Management Platform services for Fleet Management is the Driver identification management who is responsible for the vehicle being located.

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