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Terminal GPRS S8.2 GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. Connect some external peripherical to Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 using the RS232 TTL port, if you need connect more peripherical can contact with Albatross System for add more extra (RS232 / RS485) ports.

Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 GPS vehicle tracker with Can BusAlbatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 is a GPS vehicle tracker for fleet management. Terminal GPRS S8.2 read different telematics data from the vehicle (Can Bus) and send the (Can Bus) data to an online server where you can manage in real-time the information.

GV600MA NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for fleet management of Queclink brand. With (Bluetooth BLE 4.2) Queclink GV600MA tracker can continue sending telematics events if detect that lost the connection with (LTE Cat M1/NB1).

Queclink GV600MA NB / IoT GPS tracker for Fleet managementQueclink GV600MA is a NB / IoT GPS tracker for trailer fleet management. Queclink designed the GV600MA model with an ruggedized case (IP67 - Waterproof) that allow the GPS tracking in any type of service routes or deliveries tasks and in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather condition.

T633L (4G) Fleet management GPS tracker integration of Meitrack brand. With some iButtons can controlling the (driver identification) in the vehicle where install T633L of Meitrack, avoiding the unauthorized driving.

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