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The answer is very simple, direct, clear and strong: He who can use them.

Before going into detail about aspects that must be considered when selecting a GPS device, delivery assumes that the question is on knowing what it takes.

That is, that I need to cover location for my company or client?

Tracking Management Platform - New Language 

Added the Portuguese as new language in Tracking Management Platform. This new language is available as default language, user language and culture in all the available options.

Release - GPS Tracking Platform 

Available recruiting secure connections to the Location Platform through Verisign certificates.

We have extended some aspects of the customization process by adding the ability to use their own communication channel to customers users via RSS

Global AVL announces the possibility of event notification and alerts through SMS messaging. With this functionality the communication capability offered to our GPS Location Service that has European regulations of tachograph for sending automated emails and notifications screen is increased. The SMS sent is done with local freight costs, no matter where the recipient of the SMS are. From our location service you can also manage some type of scheduled reports or also use our REST API to connect existing applications at no additional extra cost.