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Oyster Sigfox GPS tracker integration with communication in the SigFox network of the Digital Matter Telematics brand. With the (standalone GPS tracker) Digital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox you can use two AA batteries types (lithium or alkaline), to improve the duration time in the GPS tracking of your mobile asset, is recommended that use lithium batteries.

Digital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox GPS asset trackerDigital Matter Telematics Oyster Sigfox is a GPS asset tracker with communication in the SigFox network. The compact housing of Oyster Sigfox has (IP67 waterproof) protection that allow continue working in the GPS asset tracking in extreme weather conditions.

ST710 NB / IoT GPS tracker integration of Suntech brand. Save costs using the (OTA - Over the Air) function of Suntech ST710, with OTA you can change configuration or firmware update remotely without uninstall the NB / IoT GPS tracker of your vehicle or mobile asset.

Suntech ST710 NB / IoT GPS tracker with communication in SigFox networkSuntech ST710 is a NB / IoT GPS tracker with (RCZ2 - RCZ4) SigFox network communication. With (IP67 - Waterproof GPS) protection the ST710 device can used in extreme weather conditions, covering different requirements type to mobile asset or vehicle GPS tracking.

Suntech ST730 Standalone GPS tracker integration with rechargeable Li-Ion battery for GPS Asset Tracking. The ST730 Standalone GPS of Suntech send position data within of SigFox network, Suntech inform that ST730 device have coverage in Mexico, Brazil and United States; consult with manufactured the SigFox network is available on your area.

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