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Integration of GPS Vehicle Trackers ST300B of Suntech brand. Suntech ST300B tracker can update or configured via OTA and sends Driving control telematics reports by: angle change, hard braking and aceleration. ST300B can send diferents SMS alerts (Panic button, geo-fences for field service management control, speed, battery error) to a predefined mobile phone or can by controlled from a Tracking Management Platform via Web with hours of service control.

Suntech ST300B GPS Vehicle TrackerSuntech ST300B GPS Vehicle-Fleet Management Tracker, with Driving control telematics reports by: aceleration, hard braking and angle change. ST300B GPS tracker can by controlled hours of service and their fuel consumption control from a Tracking Management Platform via Web or sending scheduled SMS alerts by (speed, Geo-fences for service routes or deliveries tasks, bettery error, Panic button).