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Suntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker integration for Fleet Management and GPS Vehicle Tracking. You can used ST350U of Suntech with connection to mobile asset battery or you can used become as Standalone GPS device without needed of power source, thanks that have a rechargeable backup Li-Polymer (3.7V - 210mAh) battery.

Suntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker for Fleet Management or GPS Vehicle TrackingSuntech ST350U UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker for Fleet Management or GPS Vehicle Tracking. The UBI & PAYD GPS Tracker ST350U of Suntech can sent data via (TCP/UDP) to a Tracking Management Platform always online, from these services you can manage hours of service control of all scheduled reports of ST350U tracker or manage their fuel consumption control and sent sent all data to your insurance company using a REST API to connect existing applications.