Suntech ST650 GPS Tracker integration with direct OBDII port connection for Fleet Management. Manage the Driving behaviour with ST650 OBDII device of Suntech through the (DPA) Management Pattern Analysis system that detect: (harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh corner); these telematics analyses can send to usage-based insurance (UBI) or (PAYD) "Pay as you drive" companies.

Suntech ST650 GPS Tracker with OBDII connection for Fleet Management or UBI & PAYDSuntech ST650 GPS Tracker with direct OBDII connection for Fleet Management or UBI & PAYD. With a Tracking Management Platform, you can control in real-time the ST650 OBDII GPS device of Suntech and dispose of all telematics reports that can generate by ST650 device the 24 hours a day without requirements limit.

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