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Suntech ST350 Waterproof GPS Tracker for Fleet Management solutionsSuntech ST350 Waterproof GPS Tracker with IP67 protection for Fleet Management solutions. ST350 Waterproof GPS device of Suntech can send data packet through (TCP/UDP) protocols in real-time with hours of service control or their fuel consumption control to a Tracking Management Platform always online and without requirements limit.

Suntech ST730 Standalone GPS tracker integration with rechargeable Li-Ion battery for GPS Asset Tracking. The ST730 Standalone GPS of Suntech send position data within of SigFox network, Suntech inform that ST730 device have coverage in Mexico, Brazil and United States; consult with manufactured the SigFox network is available on your area.

Suntech ST730 Standalone GPS Tracker with Li-Ion battery for GPS Asset Tracking solutionsSuntech ST730 Standalone GPS Tracker with rechargeable Li-Ion battery for GPS Asset Tracking solutions. Within a Tracking Management Platform always online, you can make the real-time tracking of ST730 GPS device of Suntech with hours of service control and controlling your mobile asset the 24 hours a day with different scheduled reports or manage their fuel consumption control.

Suntech ST650 GPS Tracker integration with direct OBDII port connection for Fleet Management. Manage the Driving behaviour with ST650 OBDII device of Suntech through the (DPA) Management Pattern Analysis system that detect the following scheduled reports: (harsh driving, harsh braking, harsh corner); these telematics events can send to usage-based insurance (UBI) or (PAYD) "Pay as you drive" companies.

Suntech ST650 GPS Tracker with OBDII connection for Fleet Management or UBI & PAYDSuntech ST650 GPS Tracker with direct OBDII connection for Fleet Management or UBI & PAYD. With a Tracking Management Platform, you can control in real-time the ST650 OBDII GPS device of Suntech and dispose of all telematics reports that can generate by ST650 device the 24 hours a day without requirements limit. Using their ST650 in our GPS tracking platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can control their vehicle event management without requirement limit and manage the care driving of their driver´s or you can control their manual task registration depending of your need, also you can use our REST API to connect existing applications and manage their driver´s control of driving habits that help you to reduce cost or you can control their automatic vehicle dispatch without any requirement limit. From our GPS tracking platform, you can also manage their service routes or deliveries tasks depending of your need and you can control their vehicle preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost or you can manage their vehicle eco driving without requirement limit, in addition you can control their ST650 tracker using our mobile applications for vehicle tracking and you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers or manage their vehicle hours of service control (HoS) that help you to reduce cost, also you can control different type of scheduled reports depending of your need and manage their vehicle fuel consumption control without any requirement limit or control their field service management that help you to reduce cost.

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