Teltonika AT2000

AT2000 GPS Tracker integration of Teltonika brand, ideal for asset tracking with plastic housing IP65 protection (Waterproof GPS). If you register the Teltonika AT2000 tracker in a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can track real-time asset of high value or of their vehicles 24 hours a day without limits requirements.

Teltonika AT2000 GPS Asset TrackerTeltonika AT2000 GPS Asset Trackers with long battery life (up to 17 weeks with a message a day) and integrated magnets, this makes this tracker in a robust and effective Standalone GPS. The best solution for real-time tracking AT2000 tracker is to register it in a Tracking Management Platform via Web, but also it allows it to be located periodically with sending SMS alerts that can receive a predefined phone from which you send the request of alert.

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