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FM5500 GPS Tracker integration of Teltonika brand, ideal for vehicle or Fleet Management and is compatible with Can Bus FMS and Garmin FMI for field service management control. Teltonika FM5500 GPS tracker guarantees Driving control within the vehicle in your service routes or deliveries tasks with the following configurable scenarios: Driver identification (1-Wire iButton ID key) scenario, Driver behavior monitoring (acceleration, breaking, cornering notification) scenario and Over Speeding detection in their automatic vehicle dispatch.

Teltonika FM5500 GPS Vehicle and Fleet Management Tracker with Can BusTeltonika FM5500 GPS Vehicle Trackers or solutions in Fleet Management they need telematics reports taken directly from the Can Bus. The FM5500 GPS tracker if registered within a Tracking Management Platform via Web that has European regulations of tachograph, may be located in real-time 24 hours of service a day without limit requirements and manage their fuel consumption control, also it can store up to 45000 records in its flash memory of your service routes or deliveries tasks.