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Teltonika FMC125 vehicle NB / IoT GPS trackerTeltonika FMC125 is a (4G LTE Cat 1) NB / IoT GPS tracker for vehicle tracking. FMC125 is compatible with the (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) connectivity and through Bluetooth you can connect different external devices or Low Energy sensors without use connection wires, also includes GNSS/Bluetooth/LTE modules and internal GNSS/LTE antennas.

MTB100 mobile asset GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand. Teltonika MTB100 it is also a (Standalone GPS) with internal (170 mAh) backup battery, the (Standalone GPS) mode allow follow locating your mobile asset if lost the connection with the power source of mobile asset.

Teltonika MTB100 GPS mobile asset tracker and motorcycles GPS trackingTeltonika MTB100 is a mobile asset GPS tracker and motorcycles GPS tracking. Compatible with (Bluetooth 4.0 + LE) MTB100 GPS device of Teltonika allow connect via Bluetooth some external peripherical: (temperature and humidity sensors, headset, barcode reader, universal BLE sensors).

FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker integration of Teltonika brand. The mobile asset GPS tracking with Teltonika FMB130 can make it from a Tracking Management Platform the 24 hours a day or through the demand of GPS position with SMS text messages.

Teltonika FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker or for GPS vehicle trackingTeltonika FMB130 is a GPS mobile asset tracker or for GPS vehicle tracking. Through CAN adapters of Teltonika the FMB130 GPS device can read different (Can Bus) data in any type of mobile asset or vehicle, the Can Bus data are sending to an online server.

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