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TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for mobile asset of the TOPFLYTECH brand. With TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB you can be firmware update and change config parameters remotely with the (OTA - Over the Air) function, save maintenance costs without uninstalled of your mobile asset the TLP2-SF/SFB tracker.

TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) NB / IoT GPS trackerTOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) is a NB / IoT GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking. The TLP2-SF/SFB solar powered GPS tracker integrate a (solar panel) that charging the internal (9600 mAh/3.7V) Li-Polymer battery and assure that always the battery is charged for that you don´t lost the GPS location of your high value mobile asset.

GV56RS GPS tracker integration for vehicle tracking of the Queclink brand. Config the follow preventive (SMS alerts) in Queclink GV56RS tracker and avoid theft: (digital input alert, virtual geofences alert, tow alert, emergency alert), using the SMS alert improve your vehicle protection.

Queclink GV56RS GPS vehicle tracker with BluetoothQueclink GV56RS is a GPS vehicle tracker with multiple digital input/output I/O. Through (Bluetooth) connectivity GV56RS GPS tracker can send data packet and make it 2-way communications with your vehicle driver, depose also of RS485 serial port that allow connect different external devices to Queclink GPS tracker.

GV56 GPS tracker integration for fleet management of the Queclink brand. Up to (40 circular / polygonal - virtual geofences) is possible delimit in Queclink GV56 tracker to improve your vehicle security and the field service management, GV56 send notifications to your mobile phone when detect that your vehicle cross the virtual geofences.

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