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TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) NB / IoT GPS tracker integration for mobile asset of the TOPFLYTECH brand. With TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB you can be firmware update and change config parameters remotely with the (OTA - Over the Air) function, save maintenance costs without uninstalled of your mobile asset the TLP2-SF/SFB tracker.

TOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) NB / IoT GPS trackerTOPFLYTECH TLP2-SF/SFB (4G LTE) is a NB / IoT GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking. The TLP2-SF/SFB solar powered GPS tracker integrate a (solar panel) that charging the internal (9600 mAh/3.7V) Li-Polymer battery and assure that always the battery is charged for that you don´t lost the GPS location of your high value mobile asset.