Tracking Management Platform

Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM23 GPS tracker for fleet managementAlbatross System Terminal GPRS FM23 is a GPS tracker for telematics fleet management. With Terminal GPRS FM23 can manage the (driver identification - up to 256 ID numbers save up), through the (1-Wire) interface and avoid the unauthorized driving in your fleet management.

Terminal GPRS FM15 GPS tracker integration with OBDII port connection of Albatross System brand. Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM15 OBDII tracker is ideal for the (Fleet Management) of any vehicle type that to guaranty reasons or problems in the insurance policy no can´t install a conventional GPS tracker with wires.

Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM15 GPS tracker with OBDII portAlbatross System Terminal GPRS FM15 is a GPS tracker with OBDII port. When Terminal GPRS FM15 detect that the driver disconnect the OBDII tracker of your vehicle, start to send (SMS alerts) to your mobile phone with the notification of disconnect.

JM-LG02 GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the Concox brand. Sending SMS text messages or from the configurator software of Concox JM-LG02 tracker you can setup some preventive "SMS alerts" to protect your high value mobile asset.

Concox JM-LG02 GPS tracker for GPS asset trackingConcox JM-LG02 is a GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking solutions. The internal battery (750mAh/3.0V) of JM-LG02 Standalone GPS tracker in standby mode can during up to 1 year sending one position a day, consult with the Concox company the time ratio of the battery duration.

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