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AT200 vehicle GPS tracker integration for fleet management of the Astra Telematics brand. Connecting an (temperature sensor) to the (1-Wire) interface of Astra Telematics AT200, you can avoid that your vehicle temperature excess of the established limits.

Astra Telematics AT200 GPS vehicle trackerAstra Telematics AT200 is a GPS vehicle tracker for telematics fleet management. With the (Bluetooth) connectivity of AT200 GPS tracker you can vehicle immobilisation through different mobile phones of your authorized drivers, avoiding thefts and the unauthorized driving in your vehicle.

ST360 UBI and PAYD GPS tracker integration of the Suntech brand. Installing an (panic button) in your Suntech ST360 can receive SOS emergency messages, every time that your vehicle driver can click on emergency button in their automatic vehicle dispatch.

Suntech ST360 UBI and PAYD GPS tracker for GPS vehicle trackingSuntech ST360 is a UBI and PAYD GPS tracker for GPS vehicle tracking. The Suntech company designed the housing of ST360 with (IP67 - dust and waterproof) protection, thanks to this feature you can cover some requirements for GPS vehicle tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks and in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather conditions.

ERM Electronic System StarLink OBD GPS tracker integration. StarLink OBD GPS device extract different telematic data and information of your mobile asset or vehicle from OBDII port.

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