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Vanguard 3000 GPS Tracker integration of CalAmp brand, is a 3G Router GPS ideal for asset tracking. To perform the GPS tracking of CalAmp Vanguard 3000 tracker of their service routes or deliveries tasks with hours of service control in a Tracking Management Platform and some scheduled reports, must acquire an extra function CalAmp offers for this model, another function extracts highly recommended is the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks at different access points.

CalAmp Vanguard 3000 3G Router GPS Asset and Vehicle TrackerCalAmp Vanguard 3000 is a 3G Router GPS for wireless M2M applications in the location of all asset in their service routes or deliveries tasks and can send data packets via the GSM/CDMA networks. Vanguard 3000 will allow you to update your firmware or configuration via OTA, avoiding having to send the tracker to a workshop to make this management.