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ERM LCA alarm system integration with Visual and sound alerts. You can setup ERM LCA alarm system for that sends SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone each time that are trigger an alarm in ERM LCA.

ERM LCA alarm system with Visual and sound alerts for GPS Vehicle TrackingERM LCA is an alarm system with Visual and sound alerts for GPS Vehicle Tracking. The alarm system ERM LCA can integrate with a GPS tracker of StarLink family, StarLink GPS tracker communicate with LCA alarm system to checking if have new Visual and sound alerts for send it to an online server.

Integration Dashboard keypad ERM eFlash SF for control the Driving behaviour. ERM eFlash SF supports up to 500 predefined points of interest (lat/long, heading, speed), you can manage the automatic vehicle dispatch with different service routes and using them in your daily fleet management.

ERM eFlash SF dashboard keypad for Driving behaviour and points of interestERM eFlash SF is a dashboard keypad for manage Driving behaviour and points of interest (up to 500 predefined POI). ERM eFlash SF protect the driver with a Panic button for emergency alerts and assistance, you can setup the others available buttons in eFlash SF depending your need in their automatic vehicle dispatch.

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