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Maxtrack MXT-140 A GPS TrackerMaxtrack MXT-140 A is ideal for high-volume operations that require low maintenance in the field service management. MXT-140 A one of its differentials is robustness against electrical protections and impermeability. Its features and small size, tied to configuration possibilities allow the Maxtrack MXT-140 A to be installed anywhere in motorcycles - where the main problems are exactly related, interference and impermeability in their service routes or deliveries tasks.

Meitrack MVT100 GPS TrackerMeitrack MVT100 is a Waterproof (IP66) GPS Vehicle Tracker, this device is the best solution for the location of Motorcycles in service routes or deliveries tasks. The Meitrack MVT100 have inbuilt GPS / GSM Antennas, ignition detection and Tow Alarm.

Meiligao VT400 GPS TrackerMeiligao / Meitrack VT400 is a Waterproof (IP66) GPS Vehicle Tracker for Heavy Machinery and Asset Tracking solutions in their service routes or deliveries tasks. The Meiligao VT400 have 2 Inputs, 1 Outputs, 7 Analog Inputs and 1 Relay Output.

Telic Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable GPS TrackerTelic Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable is an asset tracking device with an IP67 grade housing used to reliably tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks large valuable assets (containers, swap bodies, freight wagons, large industrial assets…) at higher tracking intervals over a period of up to one year.

Wireless Links Piccolo ATX GPS TrackerWireless Links Piccolo ATX unit is designed for asset tracking in their service routes or deliveries tasks with a minimum number of GPS location transmission to preserve battery life. Piccolo ATX it can operate for up to 5 years on two standard off the shelf C size lithium batteries together with a Solar Panel that will charge the rechargeable lithium batteries. The Piccolo ATX has an integrated GPS and Cellular antenna and a vibration sensor that will wake up the unit when the asset is in move on their field service management. It also has heavy duty fully Waterproof enclosure that meets IP-67 standards.

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