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JM-LG01 GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the Concox brand. With Concox JM-LG01 not only you can locate mobile assets without a power source, JM-LG01 dispose of strong fix magnet and can be a solution to "fleet management" requirements that needed an GPS tracker without connect any wire.

Concox JM-LG01 GPS tracker for GPS asset trackingConcox JM-LG01 is a GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking solutions. With rechargeable battery of (2800mAh/3.0V) JM-LG01 Standalone GPS tracker can work up to 45 hours with the (GPS always on) or in (stand-by mode) up to 3 years with one position a day.

Terminal GPRS S8.2 GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. Connect some external peripherical to Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 using the RS232 TTL port, if you need connect more peripherical can contact with Albatross System for add more extra (RS232 / RS485) ports.

Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 GPS vehicle tracker with Can BusAlbatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 is a GPS vehicle tracker for fleet management. Terminal GPRS S8.2 read different telematics data from the vehicle (Can Bus) and send the (Can Bus) data to an online server where you can manage in real-time the information.

TC68SL GPS tracker integration with OBDII port connection of Meitrack brand. Installing is in (Plug and Play) mode and only have that connect Meitrack TC68SL to vehicle OBDII port for starting to real-time locating.

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