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iSTAR GPS tracker integration of Wonde Proud brand, designed for any type of personal tracking. The GPS tracker Wonde Proud iSTAR can send SMS alerts with the position of the device with a Google Map link,

Finished integration of Wonde Proud or Wondex device model VT10, vehicle GPS device.

Finished integration of a new GPS device for vehicles Wonde Proud or Wondex brand your model VT300.

Wonde Proud iSTAR GPS TrackerWonde Proud iSTAR is a GPS Personal Trackers device which can be tracked and reports real-time geographic information to a Tracking Management Platform. By making a phone call from a 3G phone, iSTAR will hang up the mobile phone call automatically and send back GPS location information, as well as a Google Map link via an SMS (text message), one can easily acquire the real-time position report from it.

Wonde Proud VT10 GPS TrackerWonde Proud VT10 is a high performance, high sensitivity GPS Vehicle-Fleet Management Tracker device. The Wonde Proud VT10 is a smart and reliable GPS/GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device which is developed and designed for vehicle real-time tracking and monitoring use. Wonde Proud VT10 is suitable for many applications such as vehicle security, asset/fleet management.