White Label Tracking Platform

Global AVL provides a platform for real-time location GPS that has a "white label" that allows you to offer your customers LBS services (Location Based Services) immediately to further enhance the image of your company.

White Label GPS Tracking Platform

Make your vehicle location service unique, just like your brand.

We understand just how significant the brand name is in any and every activity and what differentiation means. That is why, in addition to allowing you to have your brand, logos, domains and corporate colors, we have made it possible to extend most of this functionality to your own clients.

Customize your fleet control, recovery, management, or control system at a level of detail from domain to user interface.

Differentiation from competitors in the market will allow your company to focus on business efforts, increase the quality of after-sales support, and count on all the progress and improvements of our developments without having to worry about additional investments for server maintenance or new locators' compatibility.

Our private label offer includes:

  • Your brand's corporate image
  • Domain customization
  • Your own Favicon
  • A unique landing page
  • Your choice of color design
  • Custom smartphone apps
  • Modular activation of functionality
  • Access to your own URL and subdomain
  • Define start language by company
  • Your own emails to send alerts
  • Local hours defined by the customer
  • Initial map with definable image
Customize your platform

Frequently asked questions about white label location

Software as a service and the ability to put your brand in a proven and specially developed solution to solve management, control, vehicle monitoring or fleet management requirements, is the most efficient option in terms of costs and launch times.
We have more than 15 years of experience solving technological challenges applied to telematics. Feel free to contact us to share your requirements.

What investment do I need to start my white label business?

There is no initial investment required. There are no startup costs We will simply charge for the minimum units required during the sign-up-month.

How many GPS locators does it take to use a white label tracking platform?

There is no minimum; it can be operated without any GPS device connected to the service.

Can I migrate GPS devices to your platform?

Yes, it is a simple process.
We currently have more than 2,000 GPS locator models integrated into our location service. Migration is practically an automatic and habitual process.

Is there technical support in the form of a white label GPS location platform?

Yes, we offer 24/7 technical support and also constant training for operators and service managers.

What kind of technical support does the white label offer?

The technical support offered is in all cases the same, we do not have different levels of care. Each client is just as important to us regardless of the number of equipment in service.
We offer a 24/7 ticket system to give immediate follow-up and intervention depending on the type of requirement.

How much does it cost to integrate new models or GPS brands into the service?

Normally, we do not charge existing customers for new integrations.
We understand that this is the way to increase compatibility with GPS or IOT location devices.

What parts of the white label GPS platform interface can be modified?

You can personally customize domains, login screens, colors, logos and many other features.
There is further information concerning this point on this page.

Do you offer an API to integrate third party software to the system?

Yes, we offer API access to connect all of the service's layers.

Always close to our customers giving online support 24/7

Are you ready to take your white label GPS location to another level?