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Here we announce all the improvements in our location platform. Languages​​, versions, modules, new app, etc ...

AX9 GPS tracker integration with OBDII (Can Bus J1939) interface of ATrack brand. Connect some external devices through the (Bluetooth BLE 4.0) connectivity to ATrack AX9 tracker, the advantage of use Bluetooth is that you don´t need connect any wire.

AP1 vehicle lighter GPS tracker integration with (HSPA/GPRS) technology of ATrack brand. Thanks to his internal buzzer the ATrack AP1 GPS tracker can generate some (visual and sound alerts) that help to protect your vehicle in their automatic vehicle dispatch, you can config different events for generating alerts.

CAN module integration for fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking of Albatross System brand. With Albatross System CAN module can increase the telematics data in your fleet management thanks to that extract of vehicle Can Bus the follow information: (instantaneous fuel consumption, engine torque, engine speed, pressure on the 4 axles, engine oil and coolant temperature, total engine running time, total drive time, pressure on the gas pedal, total fuel consumption, fuel level, engine RPM, vehicle millage, engine conditions, ignition signal, etc...).

LMU-1230 Weatherproof GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the CalAmp brand. With CalAmp LMU-1230 Weatherproof can continue working when active the (Standalone GPS) mode, if detect that lost connection with the main power of mobile asset activate the (1400mAh) backup battery.

Terminal GPRS FM11 IP67 with magnets GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of Albatross System brand. Apart of GPS asset tracking, Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 IP67 with magnets is an economical option for requirements in the (sea/land) GPS container tracking.

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