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Here we announce all the improvements in our location platform. Languages​​, versions, modules, new app, etc ...

JM-LG01 GPS tracker integration for asset tracking of the Concox brand. With Concox JM-LG01 not only you can locate mobile assets without a power source, JM-LG01 dispose of strong fix magnet and can be a solution to "fleet management" requirements that needed an GPS tracker without connect any wire.

AT5 (5.5V/400mA) solar powered GPS tracker integration of the Concox brand. Concox AT5 GPS tracker can be used for the (GPS container tracking), this type of tracking have some inactivity periods or needed a tracker with long life battery.

Terminal GPRS S8.2 GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. Connect some external peripherical to Albatross System Terminal GPRS S8.2 using the RS232 TTL port, if you need connect more peripherical can contact with Albatross System for add more extra (RS232 / RS485) ports.

Terminal GPRS FM10 bicycles GPS tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. The (Anti-theft system) that integrate Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM10 can detect and send sabotage events to a server or through alerts, when the bicycle be moved without permission FM10 generate the event.

Terminal GPRS FM11 GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. With internals (GPS antenna and GSM antenna), Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 be install more easy for don´t need meters of wire to the conventional external antennas.

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