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FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker integration of Teltonika brand. The mobile asset GPS tracking with Teltonika FMB130 can make it from a Tracking Management Platform the 24 hours a day or through the demand of GPS position with SMS text messages.

Teltonika FMB130 GPS mobile asset tracker or for GPS vehicle trackingTeltonika FMB130 is a GPS mobile asset tracker or for GPS vehicle tracking. Through CAN adapters of Teltonika the FMB130 GPS device can read different (Can Bus) data in any type of mobile asset or vehicle, the Can Bus data are sending to an online server.

AT2 GPS personal tracker integration of Concox brand. With Concox AT2 GPS tracker with microphone / speaker you can make (spy listening and voice monitoring) surroundings of AT2 device, to active this function you need send a text message by SMS, with this feature improve their control of driving habits.

Concox AT2 GPS personal tracker or GPS mobile asset trackingConcox AT2 is a GPS personal tracker or a GPS mobile asset tracker. With 1000mAh battery of AT2 Standalone GPS tracker of Concox you can locate persons or mobile assets up to 14 hours of service in (tracking mode) and up to 7 days in (sleep mode).

AT1 Standalone GPS tracker integration with rechargeable 6000mAh battery of Concox brand. Through the internals GPS/Wi-Fi antennas the Concox AT1 device can fix position by GPS or by Wi-Fi, thanks to this feature is impossible lost the GPS location.

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