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Queclink GL500MA NB / IoT GPS tracker for GPS asset trackingQueclink GL500MA is a NB / IoT GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking. GL500MA Standalone GPS of Queclink use 3 lithium batteries of 1400mAh that in stand-by mode during up to 5 years with 1 report by day, also you can put a holder with magnets to GL500MA.

TTU-730 GPS mobile asset tracker integration of CalAmp brand. With CalAmp TTU-730 GPS tracker you can save costs in technical services using the (OTA - Over the Air) function, with the OTA function you can change configuration or firmware update remotely.

CalAmp TTU-730 GPS mobile asset tracker for GPS container trackingCalAmp TTU-730 is a GPS mobile asset tracker for GPS container tracking. The Lithium battery of TTU-730 Standalone GPS tracker of CalAmp can send up to 5000 messages with GPS position, the battery is replaceable and don´t is possible charge.

MTB100 mobile asset GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand. Teltonika MTB100 it is also a (Standalone GPS) with internal (170 mAh) backup battery, the (Standalone GPS) mode allow follow locating your mobile asset if lost the connection with the power source of mobile asset.

Teltonika MTB100 GPS mobile asset tracker and motorcycles GPS trackingTeltonika MTB100 is a mobile asset GPS tracker and motorcycles GPS tracking. Compatible with (Bluetooth 4.0 + LE) MTB100 GPS device of Teltonika allow connect via Bluetooth some external peripherical: (temperature and humidity sensors, headset, barcode reader, universal BLE sensors).

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