Queclink GL500N Standalone GPS tracker integration for GPS Asset tracking solutions. GL500N of Queclink is a GPS Tracker with Microphone / Speaker valid for making secret listening in the mobile asset though a call from a predefined phone.

Queclink GL500N Standalone GPS Tracker (CR123A batteries) for GPS Asset trackingQueclink GL500N Standalone GPS Tracker (CR123A batteries) for GPS Asset tracking. With a Tracking Management Platform always online you can control the GPS tracker GL500N of Queclink in real-time the 24 hours a day and guaranteed the security of your mobile asset.

GPS Asset tracker integration REMORA model of Digital Matter Telematics brand, ideal for GPS Container tracking. The GPS tracking of Digital Matter Telematics REMORA tracker is made into a Tracking Management Platform always online.

Digital Matter Telematics REMORA GPS Asset and GPS Container trackingDigital Matter Telematics REMORA is a GPS Asset Tracker valid for: (GPS Container tracking, trailers, generators) or any other non-powered mobile asset.

Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker integration of Wireless Links brand, used for asset location or GPS Container tracking. If you register the Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can track real-time asset that you have installed the Piccolo ATX2S 24 hours a day, if not need real-time tracking, you can receive SMS alerts on a phone with the current position of the device.

Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S GPS Asset TrackerWireless Links Piccolo ATX2S GPS Asset Trackers ideal for telematics solutions how: GPS Container tracking, trailer tracking, tracking any mobile asset. Piccolo ATX2S is a Waterproof GPS tracker integrated in a plastic housing with IP67 certification, it has a rechargeable lithium battery that can send up to 10,000 GPS positions on a single charge and the large solar panel fitted at the top you can charge the battery offering up to 20 GPS positions per day.

T355 GPS tracker integration of Meitrack brand, used for asset location solutions or GPS Container tracking. If you are configure Meitrack T355 GPS tracker to send data to a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can perform real-time monitoring of assets-containers-vehicles and have the information generated by the T355 tracker.

Meitrack T355 GPS Asset and GPS Container trackingMeitrack T355 GPS tracker designed for high-value asset location solutions such: (GPS Container tracking, construction machinery, commercial vehicles). With a Tracking Management Platform via Web you can make real-time tracking T355 GPS tracker of Meitrack you have installed on your asset-container-vehicle without limits and requirements at any time of day.

MaxTrack MXT-100 GPS TrackerMaxtrack MXT-100 GPS tracker designed for any type of asset tracking solutions. MXT-100 can send data packet to a Tracking Management Platform using GSM/GPRS networks via TCP/UDP.

Globalstar SmartOne Satellite Based GPS TrackerGlobalstar SmartOne is a Satellite based GPS tracker designed for the intelligent management of powered and non-powered fixed and assets. SmartOne is a Standalone GPS and practical solution for engine runtime reporting to a Tracking Management Platform, and major fault monitoring for portable construction equipment as well as GPS Container tracking, vehicles and boats. Globalstar SmartOne need a Satellite data plan to send data packet intro a Location Service.

SANAV CT-24 GPS TrackerSANAV CT-24 is specially designed for long battery operation time. The installation of CT-24 is extremely easy. The high GPS and GSM sensitivities make it being able to function under the dashboard in a vehicle without any external antenna. The SANAV CT24 can be used in different environments, Vehicle Tracking, Asset/Container Tracking, Personal Tracking, Pet Tracking or Covert Tracking. In addition, it provides 2 sets of open I/O. Vibration sensor and reed switches are available.

Numerex SX1 GPS TrackerNumerex SX1 represents a breakthrough in Satellite based GPS tracker and asset tracking technology. Numerex SX1 operating on Globalstar’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) simplex Satellite data network, the Numerex SX1 provides GPS visibility, event monitoring and remote asset data on a near-global basic.

Queclink GL500 GPS TrackerQueclink GL500 is a powerful Standalone GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. Queclink GL500 works with two CR123A lithium-batteries, wakes up every 24hours and sends the info and then return to deep sleep, can standby more than 1000days. With built-in motion sensor, Queclink GL500 can also detect the motion of asset all the time and give a warning message.

SANAV CT-58 GPS TrackerSANAV CT-58 is a mini GPS tracker available at the current market and is able to apply to many tracking purposes such as Vehicle, Asset or GPS Container tracking. SANAV CT-58 is also equipped with high sensitive vibration sensor which could reflect the real position of the surrounding immediately as being activated. SANAV CT58 will be the best helper for you to detect your most valuable properties.