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Concox GT300 GPS Trackers integration, ideal for Personal GPS tracking and has rechargeable battery (Standalone GPS). The Concox GT300 tracker can by programed to send SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone or can by controlled from a Tracking Management Platform via Web.

Concox GT300 GPS Personal TrackerConcox GT300 GPS Personal Tracker can send data packet to a Tracking Management Platform or can sends diferents SMS alerts (geo-fences, vibration or movement, low battery, etc...) to a predefined mobile phone.

Global AVL announces compatibility on Tracking management platform with military standards USC06 information which identifies vehicles with certain characteristics, transport, cargo, cruise and ship insurance information by media watchdogs.

We have overcome the barrier of 150 models of devices available for use in our location platform multi-brand serving more than 12 countries in different sectors of B2B services for geo-location. The wide range of GPS devices available covering almost all sectors and requirements for the fleet management, thus adapting to a variety of different markets. Thank you for your trust and continued support.

Added French as new Language in our Tracking Management Platform. This new language is available as default language, user language and culture in all the available options in our GPS Location Service.

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